Circuits and travel in Morocco: booking condition


Terms of payment

– 30% deposit on registration by bank transfer (transfer fees charged to the client)  if the reservation is made more than 30 days before the intended date of travel

– Pay by bank transfer  before the start of the trip (transfer fees charged to the client) 


Administrative and health

Before you enroll in one of our trips, it is your responsibility to ensure that each passenger is in possession of the necessary documents to transit and / or enter the territory chosen as the country of travel: passport, visa, permission Output territory unaccompanied by their parents, vaccines and / or medical treatment necessary. We urge you to keep you informed in real time the evolution of administrative and health formalities required


The information given by our advisors concerning French citizens for any other nationality, the customer must inform the competent authorities of the host country prior to registration.
“Maroc en Liberté” can not be held responsible for the consequences of any failure by the customer forbidding access to the selected country. The customer shall not be entitled to any refund either before departure or upon arrival at destination.

For Morocco: Passport required for all stays in individual



Travel advice

It is strongly recommended that the customer cancellation insurance, repatriation, etc. interruption of stay before departure are traveling and make sure it is well covered in terms of liability for all activities during the trip.

We can not be held responsible for incidents reaching people through physical activity and sports (walking ….) if they are not covered for personal liability

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