Circuits and travel in Morocco: booking condition

Terms of payment

– 30% deposit on registration by bank transfer (transfer fees charged to the client)  if the reservation is made more than 30 days before the intended date of travel

– Pay by bank transfer within 30 days before the start of the trip (transfer fees charged to the client) or cash on the spot (before starting on or trip / departures from Marrakech only)

–  In case the reservation would occur less than 30 days before the date of travel, the entire trip should be set

Registration is not taken for granted after payment of a deposit – in fact, the services (accommodation, transportation, recreation, activities, etc. ) will be proposed booked and confirmed after the payment of a first regulation and to the extent available – Any delay in payment will generate additional fees if on one hand the services offered in the contract accepted by the customer are not available at the time of actual payment , and if on the other hand , it there is no possibility to obtain equivalent at the same rate Prices are reviewable under the contract until 30 days before departure or the beginning of the service, to take account of changes in transportation costs , royalties and taxes, and exchange rates

Cancellation fees

Cancellation fees are due when the reservation is final. All cancellation requests must be made in writing to the Company “Maroc en Liberté” (registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or email). The date of the postmark or the date of receipt of mail is the date for the cancellation.
It will result in the perception at least the following expenses (subject to specific conditions contained in the description of the product chosen):

– If the customer cancel more than 60 days before the trip: fixed fees 30€/ person (except excursions)

– If the customer cancels between 31 and 60 days before the date of travel: 10% of the entire trip/ person

– If the client cancels between 21 and 30 days before travel date: 35% of the entire trip / person

– If the client cancels between 14 and 20 days before departure: 50% of the entire trip / person

– If the client cancels between 8 and 13 days before travel date: 75% of the entire trip / person

– If the client cancels between 0 and 7 days before travel date: 100% of the entire trip / person

– No show: 100% of the entire trip / person

Specific information on ground services (hotels, transportation, drivers, activities etc..)
Hotel services, transport services and other terrestrial services are sometimes subject to fee schedules depending on the number of participants on a journey

In case of cancellation of one or more persons for the same trip (trip, circuit etc..) The customer must immediately inform Maroc en Liberté. The tour price / person may be revalued on the basis of the actual number of participants. In case of non acceptance of these new conditions, the customer may cancel the entire trip referring to the contractual terms of cancellation.

Administrative and health

Before you enroll in one of our trips, it is your responsibility to ensure that each passenger is in possession of the necessary documents to transit and / or enter the territory chosen as the country of travel: passport, visa, permission Output territory unaccompanied by their parents, vaccines and / or medical treatment necessary. We urge you to keep you informed in real time the evolution of administrative and health formalities required by visiting:

The information given by our advisors concerning French citizens for any other nationality, the customer must inform the competent authorities of the host country prior to registration.
“Maroc en Liberté” can not be held responsible for the consequences of any failure by the customer forbidding access to the selected country. The customer shall not be entitled to any refund either before departure or upon arrival at destination.

For Morocco: Passport required for all stays in individual

Travel advice

It is strongly recommended that the customer cancellation insurance, repatriation, etc. interruption of stay before departure are traveling and make sure it is well covered in terms of liability for all activities during the trip.

We can not be held responsible for incidents reaching people through physical activity and sports (walking ….) if they are not covered for personal liability

Changes to “force majeure”

We can not be held responsible for changes in course, for example, unexpected weather events (heavy rain, sandstorms, etc..) That could affect the success of the program as presented. In such cases, we strive to find the best alternatives for the comfort and safety of clients, alternatives compatible with the duration of the original program and its content.

We can not be held responsible for unforeseen events or bringing the hotel concerned to remove the client for reasons of safety or damage to equipment. In such circumstances, the customer will be relocated to a luxury hotel equivalent.

Wherever possible, the customer will be notified in advance and travel providers Item it will provide a service in the same category as originally proposed. Similarly, in some countries, the circuits can be modified sense, but all visits and planned steps will be followed

Finally, both civil and religious holidays, strikes or demonstrations in the countries visited are likely to lead to changes in visits or excursions, which the organizer cannot be held responsible.

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